Thank you so much for taking on this collab project with me. 

As you know I'm trying to expand my portfolio with some streetwear / lifestyle photography. I have put together a mood board for you guys. Have a look at the images below but don't stress too much about them. Let me know if you have any outfits that are similar and if I get a store to share some fashion love I'll contact you. 

Right now I'm working to get one or more MUA on board. Got some suggestions so I'll chase it this week. 

I'm planing the shoots for May. And I'll put some dates / locations / times here. Probably gonna have some weekends and early morning / night shots. Hopefully will be able to cater for everyone's needs. 

Looking forward to shoot!


Shoot Dates

Hi there guys, 

Here are my available dates. As most of you have expressed that are available over the weekend, I have put a bunch of Saturday / Sunday Dates. 

It will be hard to accommodate everyone's preference, so if you could pick 2 dates so I have room to move things around would be awesome!

And if you have any comments such as the outfit you bringing, or if you can make your own make up let me know. (I'm might have some MUA to join us, but not sure yet). 

Shoots will likely to happen in West End, Albion/Windsor, and some other locations to come. If you need a lift I can pick you up from around the CBD. 

If you cant come to Brisbane, let me know and I might be able to come down or up the coast. 

I'm ok for you to come accompanied. 


Saturday May 10, 7am start
Saturday May 10, 3pm Start

Sunday May 11, 3pm Start

Saturday May 17, 7am start
Saturday May 17, 3pm Start

Sunday May 18, 3pm Start

Saturday May 24, 7am start
Saturday May 24, 3pm Start

Sunday May 25, 3pm Start

Saturday May 31, 7am start
Saturday May 31, 3pm Start

Name *

These are the current available dates. I'll try my best to accommodate everyone availability, but to make it easier, could you pick 2 dates? Just in case

All images are copyrighted. I have picked them as examples for a concept shoot. If you believe they belong to you, please contact me and I'll remove them.